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I'm in the middle of upgrading my website/portfolio and will be rolling out the new one soon. Thank you for your patience.

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Alex Koran

Christian Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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Logo Design

I can say with confidence that Logo Design is a vital part of my work and of any mature graphic designer. What can be more challenging than to express in a graphic symbol the feelings of a person about his company, or the essense of an artist, or a compelling message that a non-profit group or a church desires to convey about their mission to humanity. I listen, research, brainstorm and put it all in a Logo. 

>> Logo Design Samples

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Layout Design

When you need to create brochures, magazines, newsletters, catalogues, flyers, books—Layout Design is the solution. It's not just a pretty combination of the text, pictures, charts and grpahic elements on the page: it has to be functional and serve the intended purpose. Typography, colors  and composition often are the key elements.

>> Layout Design Samples

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Web Design

Web site is a face of your business or a group on the web and a way for people to interact and learn about you or your product. I leave all the technical side to web developers and focus on the Visual Design and the structure, combining aesthetic quality with practical functionality. 

>> Web Design Samples

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Digital Art

The wide range of materials and possibility to create art in digital space practically has no limits of what can be done. Unlike traditional art, you are not limited with the size, price of materials or a need to wait for the paint to dry. It's a fast paced and dynamic form or art. Plus, if an illustration is created in vector program, like Adobe Illustrator, it can be reporoduced at any size, in any amount, and on many types of media.

>> Digital Art Samples

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Photoshop Art

The amazing and photorealistic imagery that can be created with Photoshop art is astounding. The only limitation is the images that have to be taken by you or purchased from a photographer, or created in 3D program. Picture sizes are getting bigger, which gives an opportinity to create extreamly detailed and immersive atmosphere.

>> Photoshop Art Samples

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Traditional Art

I started to draw since I can remember. There were no computers, no internet, no printers. Traditional art has that warm and raw feeling, touch of imperfection, individuality and it can be the only exisitng piece in the whole world. It is beautiful, unique and tactile, with a personal touch and an imprint of artist's soul. 

>> Traditional Art Samples

Welcome to my website!

Every graphic designer and illustrator wants to show what they've done and be recognized. I originally created this website with the help of my wife (she is a talented web developer), because I was looking for a job and wanted to have more than just a printed portfolio. After two years it grew to a fun project that I work on in spare time. Hopefully, in the near future I will fill it with good and useful content, and new designers, clients and other people will be able to benefit from it.
As a believer, I feel that the role of an artist in the modern society is not to simply make money, or become famous, but rather serve people, using the talents to show beauty, goodness, and wonder of this life and the world we live in.
Creativity comes from the Creator.

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