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Alex Koran

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Client Project Room


Client Project Room

In order to simplify my work process, as well as provide a better way for you, my clients, to follow along with what progress is being made on your project, the deadlines I'm working from, download your latest files (as well the final files), give input and feedback, and have a birds eye view of the entire project, I provide a personal "project board" for each of my clients or client groups. 

Here's how my "Project Room" system works:

  1. Any contracts are signed, the work order is specified, deadlines and goals are set, and payment arrangments are aggreed upon.
  2. I add a board in my project room for you (*and your business partners as requested), assigned to the *email (preferably gmail) that you've provided.
  3. You can access your project board via the "Project Room" link at the bottom of my website. Any projects belonging to you will be visible once you've logged in.


Email: My project room works best with gmail or google accounts. The reason is that you'll be able to "login with google" instead of having to type in your information.

Multiple contacts or business partners assigned to one project: I can assign as many people as are involved in a project to the project board. Everyone involved will then be able to see all posted information, put in their two cents and view the progress.

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