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Alex Koran

Christian Graphic Designer and Illustrator


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My name is Aliaksei (Alex) Koran. I am a Chrstian illustrator and a graphic designer, based in Houston, Texas. The art and design have a special place in my life. The passion for art came from my studies in art school and precision, attention to details, and practical functionality came from my background in Architecture. This combination of design and illustration gives me an edge over many talented professionals who have a background only in one of these disciplines. Taking my work seriously and having over 17 years of experience in my field, I take it as a rule to treat each client and their requests with respect and understanding. I lived and worked in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Mexico and United States, with people of different nationalities. This helped me to better understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures and to use my international experience in my work and communications. I appreciate your interest and welcome you to take a look around.

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1973 Born. MInsk, Belarus.

1980–1990 Art School. Minsk, Belarus.

1990–1996 BNTU. Masters Degree in Architecture. Minsk, Belarus.

1996–2001 Graphic Designer in Advertising Agenices. Minsk, Belarus.

2001–2010 Volunteer worker/in-house Graphic designer. Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Mexico, USA.

2006 Married to my wonderful wife Renée. Minsk, Belarus.

2010–2011 Freelancing and doing contract work as a Graphic Designer. Houston, TX, USA.

2011–Present Graphic Designer for Schlumberger. Houston, TX, USA.

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